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 My mother,Renee McCandlish and I got our first Bulldogs in 1983.

It took me over a year to find a litter of Bulldog puppies.

 Mom went with me "just to see the puppies".

To make a long story short we both came home with a puppy.

 We've had alot of fun, shed alot of tears and had some

very exciting times over the last 35 + years thanks to our Bulldogs.

We are in the Bulldogs Hall of Fame for the champions we have bred.

We are also the breeders of the only Bulldog to earn a UDX title in obedience so far!

 Life truly is better when you share it with a Bulldog!

 Laura Haney


If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.



P.O. Box 572

Ione,Washington 99139



We have a Hall Of Fame award for producing 25+ champions.  

Proud member of the Bulldog Club of America


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